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Ralph’s VW Golf IV

With Streamline focusing more on video content lately we saw it fit to capture a few photos of Ralph Chetty’s VW Golf Mk4 before he let “his baby” go. While the photoshoot was a rushed, last-minute, in the scorching sun kind of shoot, we able to grasp the pure beauty of the car. Continue reading “Ralph’s VW Golf IV”

Caleb’s BMW M3 E93

What would your upgrade be if you owned an Auris TRD Supercharged? One would think that perhaps a Toyota 86 or Supra would be the ideal replacement. Caleb Kasten made quite the giant leap and upgraded to a BMW M3 E93 after he sold his Auris. Continue reading “Caleb’s BMW M3 E93”

Dean’s Customised Toyo Avanza

Durban’s car culture is relatively associated with static or air’d lowered cars, wide wheels, stretched tyres, as well as wrapped vehicles. With that said, there are a few unnoticed rides that have their very own style. Continue reading “Dean’s Customised Toyo Avanza”

Brendan’s Toyota Conquest Rsi

Streamline Culture strives to bring you content that is unique, exciting and different every week. This week we bring you a very iconic car from the Toyota family. Continue reading “Brendan’s Toyota Conquest Rsi”

Daryll’s Audi Air4

When you visualize an Audi A4, your mind tends to scamper images of sophistication, class, and luxury. The utter thought of altering perfection is outrageous, but shifting from the norm to create an essence of stance Continue reading “Daryll’s Audi Air4”

King Lin’s GLi Twincam

Throughout his youthful years Linesh Devchuran was exposed to the latest cars claiming bragging rights in the city, yet the one that captured his dreams was the Toyota Corolla GLi Twincam. Continue reading “King Lin’s GLi Twincam”

Valen’s Bagged Civic

“Build, Break, Fix, Repeat” is the perception that Valen Ankiah lives by when it comes to his well-maintained popular 1997 Honda Civic. Knighted as a true hot hatch for the Jap fans, Continue reading “Valen’s Bagged Civic”


Have you ever seen a bagged RunX TRD before? If your answer is no, then check out the very first bagged RunX TRD in SA. Continue reading “RUNX TRD ON AIR”

Sumeet’s Bagged BMW M3 E93

Growing up, all boys think about are hot girls and fancy cars. Indeed super cars are on top of that list with a model type girlfriend riding shotgun. However before that elite lifestyle, the legendary BMW M3 Continue reading “Sumeet’s Bagged BMW M3 E93”

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