With Streamline focusing more on video content lately we saw it fit to capture a few photos of Ralph Chetty’s VW Golf Mk4 before he let “his baby” go. While the photoshoot was a rushed, last-minute, in the scorching sun kind of shoot, we able to grasp the pure beauty of the car.


Ralph has always been a VDub guy, with his previous cars been the predecessor Golf 3 GTi and the successor Golf 5 GTi. He wanted to fill the gap so he purchased this sweet Mk4 in 2014. Still in its original paint and totally stock, he wanted to keep it that way apart from a few modifications.


He replaced the stock wheels with a set of 19-inch replica Rotiform BLQ Wheels, wrapped with 225/35/19 tyres. He also fitted on a set on Koni coil-overs to give the car that slight drop. A customised body kit was added and the rear bumper kit keeps the exhaust tail pipe hidden.


On the interior he had the seats redone in the original colour, and the hood-lining changed to black to compliment the seats. An mp3 player and split system was added to sweeten up the vocals and get him riding to the beat.


Unfortunately the car is sold now, so all the best to the new owners, who knows maybe we will do another feature for the new owner after he adds his own touches to it…