What would your upgrade be if you owned an Auris TRD Supercharged? One would think that perhaps a Toyota 86 or Supra would be the ideal replacement. Caleb Kasten made quite the giant leap and upgraded to a BMW M3 E93 after he sold his Auris.


The BMW M3 is highlighted as a legend in the performance world of motoring, attracting eager enthusiasts from all parts of the world. Caleb purchased his M3 in 2015, packing a whopping 309kw with 400nm of torque. He has not done any work to the engine for now as the 4.0 litre V8 has left him rather content.


We hooked up with Caleb recently for a shoot. We woke up to an extremely wet Saturday. With thoughts of postponing the shoot, Caleb however insisted on getting together. It was not the best scenario but his handy sidekicks came prepared with their big umbrellas to protect our camera gear.


While the performance side was left standard, Caleb did however opt for a stylish look. He imported a set of 20” AC Schnitzer wheels coupled with a set of 295/25/20 Continental Contisport Contact 5P Tyres. This certainly gave it an elegant look with a little touch of class. That could be disputable as some people prefer the original look, but he wanted to add a sense of uniqueness to his ride.

The suspension was lowered just a tad, with an AC Schnitzer lowering kit. Apart from a set of carbon fibre front splitters, the rest of the exterior was left standard.

In the interior, the car comes standard with luxurious black leather seats. Giving Caleb the perfect orchestral symphony is the Harmon Kardon sound setup.


Caleb loves simplicity and that is evident by the looks of his sensational M3.