Durban’s car culture is relatively associated with static or air’d lowered cars, wide wheels, stretched tyres, as well as wrapped vehicles. With that said, there are a few unnoticed rides that have their very own style. As Streamline Culture is always focused on bringing our audience content that is different, unique, and always ever-changing, this week we bring you a vehicle that is not only ‘out of the box’ but also an eye boggler in its own right.


When Dean Naidoo, a procurement officer at Standard Bank, brought his 2008 Toyota Avanza 1.5TX to the table, we were faced with many questions. Our curiosity got the better of us and after meeting with Dean and his Avanza, we saw the vision that he had. Considering the amount of time and effort Dean put in customizing his ride, we had to show our appreciation.


This is no ordinary Avanza, being a TX, it comes with a fully air-conditioned duct system. Although that was a plus, Dean however could not have a sunroof installed with the piping running on the roof of the vehicle. He had to settle on wrapping the roof gloss black just to give it a little touch of uniqueness.


Going with his theme of been unique and different, he got himself a set of Borbet replica wheels. He designed and created a roulette table on the dish of the wheels. Dean tells us that although he hates the casino, his bright idea arose when he and his friends were having a good ol’ conversation.


We explored the interior of the Avanza and boy were we astonished. The seats were re-covered with brown BMW style leather which complimented a chequered pattern at the centre. Some of the interior plastic trimmings were re-coated with a wood grain wrap which we also see on the wheels.

Dean has transformed his standard Avanza into a quite the head turner in its category of customisation. Going forward, he would like to fit a custom exhaust system, a DVD entertainment system, and talks about joining his friends in the air society.