Streamline Culture strives to bring you content that is unique, exciting and different every week. This week we bring you a very iconic car from the Toyota family. Since acquiring his Toyota Conquest RSi in 2006, Brendan Govender has strived to keep the car alive by ensuring that it is always in pristine condition.


Brendan’s love and somewhat obsession for the “ugly duckling” arised from his brother who gifted him with his first car in 2003, a 1988 Toyota Conquest RSi. Unfortunately, disaster struck and its life came to a fatal end after he crashed it. Brendan was rather captivated by this car that it led him on a search to find his current Toyota Conquest RSi.


He was thrilled to have found a replacement, however he wanted more power this time. He had a 4AGE 20V black top engine installed at Daya’s Auto. Toda cams replaced the stock cams, mated with a Jasma branch (4-2-1) and a 63mm free-flow exhaust for better breathing. The original rubber ram tubes were replaced with an aluminium spec. He had the braking system upgraded with RXi discs at the front and 180 RSi discs at the rear. The car was performing at its greatest, but with any old car, it was bound to be affected by rust in due time.


In August 2012 Brendan decided it was time to take drastic measures. The complete motor was removed and the car stripped to a bare shell. KNN Panel & Paint did a complete body restoration and resprayed it with a coat of white paint. New rear lights and an AE82 front lip were imported from Japan as Brendan aimed to give his car the Toyota Levin (AE82) look.


He opted to lower his car and went for a set of BC Coilovers with camber and damper adjustments. He revealed that he values his ride far too much to be scraping over speed bumps so he lowered it just enough to clear the speed bumps while maintaining the desired look. The Toyota Conquest RSi rolls on a set of 15-inch Work Equip 03 replica wheels with 195/50/15 Michelin tyres.

The interior was also completely restored. Brendan had the original seats and door pads re-covered in Napa leather and Alcantara with red stitching. OEM electronic front windows added a bit of luxury and class to the car. The signature red carpets and seatbelts were cleaned up to revive the original look and all interior plastic trimmings were recoated with satin black paint.

Future plans? None for the Toyota Conquest RSi. Brendan does however have a Toyota 86 with which he plans to make his next project car. We surely look forward to that…




Brendan Govender


1600 Twincam 20V Black Top
Toda Exhaust 264 Cams
Exhaust Venier for fine tuning
100mm Ram Tubes
Jasma 4-2-1 Branch
63mm Exhaust

Bc Coilovers

15-inch Equip Replica Wheels
Michelin 195/50/15 tyres

AE82 Front Lip

Standard RSi Interior (Re-upholstered)


Pioneer Headunit
4″ pair Alpine Mids in front
5.25″ pair Alpine split system in rear panels
Apline 4 Channel Amplifier
10″ Pioneer subwoofer