Throughout his youthful years Linesh Devchuran was exposed to the latest cars claiming bragging rights in the city, yet the one that captured his dreams was the Toyota Corolla GLi Twincam.


A few years down the line, pure luck was on Linesh’s side as he finally found a now rare Toyota Corolla GLi Twincam after years of waiting in anticipation. Twelve-years has passed, and to date the car still remains as clean as f*%k.


Let me take you guys back a few years… The Toyota Corolla was introduced to the world in 1966 and is an anchor in the South African Car Industry. The highly acclaimed Toyota Corolla GLi Twincam was introduced in 1989 and was voted as the SA Guild of Motoring Journalists’ (SAGMJ) Car of the Year.

Top of the range models were priced at about R72 900 at the time, while 27-years later, collectors and enthusiasts are prepared to pay the original selling price or more to have a claim on this beauty. It is a part of the fifth generation Corolla and remains a highly sought after vehicle.


We hooked up with Linesh on one of the busiest weekends in the year, Easter weekend and decided to do his shoot in a very prominent area while exclusive cars drove pass us every few minutes. It was rather interesting to witness how many people in these “exclusive cars”stopped to compliment him on his car and inquire if it was for sale. He even got some fantastic offers, but remained loyal to his Rolla and said: “Sorry it’s not for sale!”


Although it may look like a standard Toyota Corolla GLi Twincam, this 1992 model certainly doesn’t give you the driving experience of one. Linesh wanted to be a little unique and had the original motor replaced with a 20-Valve RXi motor.  He decided to go the standard ECU route and did not have a management system installed as he has no plans of racing it.


We’ve known each other for a while now and since the time I know him, he built the reputation of been a wheel whore. I’m sure he lost count somewhere down the line but the one wheel he will never ever let go off was the original 14-inch Twincam wheels which is considered as priceless to many. He currently has a set of BMW Replica Wheels with 185/35/17 Nankang Tyres.


His current suspension set-up consists of a set of MAXTRAC Coilovers which gives him that neat tuck. Linesh has however, reached that point where jacking his car and adjusting coils at every car show has become a bit to tedious for him and with the growing trends of air rides, he hopes to join the country’s air society pretty soon…



Linesh Devchuran

4A-GE 20 valve Black top motor

Maxtrac Coilovers

17-inch BMW M3 Replicas
7j front / 8.5j rear
Nankang 185/35/17 tyres

Toyota Cressida Front Lip

Standard Twincam Interior (Re-upholstered)

Alpine Mp3 Player
Alpine Mids and Tweeters
1x Pioneer 12-inch Subwoofer