The Wild Coast Sun Drift Expo took place on Saturday, 5th March 2016 at the Wild Coast Sun Casino and Resort. It was the second drift event for the Wild Coast Sun with the first one taking place last August which was a huge success – it had to be done again. I was privileged to cover the event for the second time round for Gas Magazine


With South Africa’s favourite MC, Vic Pardal keeping the crowds entertained, a few of the highlights of the day were full circuit drifting and a skid pan for spectators to go on suicide runs in a Chev Lumina drift car. If you are a fan of screeching tyres, the smell of burning rubber and sounds of the roaring drift cars, it was a place you had to be.


A phenomenal range of drift cars were on display, few to mention were R33s, R34s, S13s, S14s and a few Supras. Apart from the drifting, a show ‘n shine competition and sound off was held by Vicious Cars and Powerhouse Auto & Towing. Air rides, static rides and funky wheels were the highlight’s of the show, not forgetting a few super cars.


Spectators got the chance to view some of the leading brands in their industry, exhibiting their goods, few to mention were Air Spring Supply Company, The Wheel Emporium, Durban used spares, CPI Performance Tuning, and Salvage car dealers.


Crowds were sure to get famished with all the drooling they had to endure and for that food stalls such as Danny’s House of Curry, Golden Moon Spur, and Corn Dog Café were present to assist.


With coverage from The Ignition TV Crew, Thrill Seekers, Gas Magazine, Streamline Culture, various newspapers and motoring bloggers, it was sure to be the talk of the town.

Taking part in the top 16 were:
1. Gavin Puren
2. Paolo Gouviea
3. Brenden Puren
4. Shain Ferreira
5. Eric van Eyssen
6. Morné Venter
7. Nick Frey
8. Tyler Wessels
9. Joey Govender
10. André Barnard
11. Mark Goodall
12. Jean Maré
13. David Rae
14. Johnathan Plowman
15. Luke Meyer
16. Trevor Puren

Reaching the finals was Paolo Gouveia vs Gavin Puren. Both drivers were remarkable and the crowds loved them both however one of them had to take the victory in the end and Gavin Puren was the one awarded driver of the day.


The event was headed by The Wild Coast Sun’s Claude Naidoo who could be seeing on his golf cart driving around all day making sure everything was going smoothly. Planning for the next Drift Expo is already in the pipelines and fans can expect to be blown away by a 40 car drift line-up. Be sure not to miss out on this thrilling action next time….

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The Wild Coast Sun Drift Expo – The Aftermovie 2016 from STREAMLINE CULTURE on Vimeo.

Teaser: The Wild Coast Sun Drift Expo 2016 from STREAMLINE CULTURE on Vimeo.