There is something about a black car that denotes authority, and those who own and drive one send the subconscious message that they are self-assured, confident and in control of their world.


We recently had the chance to meet with Preshen Sewgobind and was graced by his black VW Polo – Typ 9N3. He is definitely a guy whose desire is to be taken seriously by others and wants to stand out from the rest. This can certainly be seen in his car…


Not really a racer and more of a stance guy, he decided to go for a 1.4-litre Polo. Spending more time and effort in making it look good rather than focusing on speed, he opted for a Polo GTi exhaust just to spice things up a bit. Fitted with a set of Polo GTi style side skirts, front grille and a rear diffuser, he managed to change the look of his standard 9N3 and give it that GTi camaflogue.


He added in a set of Cobra adjustable coilovers which brings the arches down onto the 17-inch HRE Mesh replica wheels wrapped in 185/35/17 Nankang Tyres all round. Preshen wanted to go for a rather daring and bold look on the interior. He had the seats re-upholstered in red leather which was carried through on the door pads and boot.


It is refreshing to see a clean 9N3 like this on our brisk Durban shores. I admit our city has an influx of customised VW Polos, however it is easy to spot the unique ones out.


Preshen is happy with the outcome of his creation and if he had to change anything, he would certainly have an air suspension installed. Who knows, perhaps the next time we see his car on Streamline Culture, it might just be bagged.



Preshen Sewgobind

63-kW / 132-Nm

Adjustable Cobra Coilovers

17-inch HRE Mesh Replicas
7.5j front / 8.5j rear
Nankang 185/35/17 Tyres

Cupra style front lip
GTi style side skirts
GTi style grille
GTi style rear diffuser

Original seats reupholstered in red leather

Pioneer Double Din Touch screen
Pioneer Mids and Tweeters
12” Pioneer DVC Subwoofer