One does not become a ‘car guy’ overnight. One does not wake up one day and say “Hey! I am a car guy”. It grows on you over time and becomes a budding passion. Durban based, Tyron Naidoo’s love for cars began at a young age with him being a Honda fan. He had hunted desperately for a clean Honda Civic. Finally in 2014 his search was over. Tyron discovered a decent looking 1997 Honda Civic in its original state, which is a rare find in the city. He knew this was the dream project he was waiting for and could not wait to begin building his dreams.


Tyron’s approach was different; while most people would put on a trendy set of wheels, a banging sound system and get ready to go park off at Backstretch, he decided to strip all the wires and parts from his engine bay and do a complete wire tuck with the aid of online videos. The battery was relocated to the boot, fuse boxes moved to the glove compartment and all wires were routed through the fenders .Every bolt and nut was replaced and lots of fine details were imported and fitted. Patience proved to be a virtue with Tyron and he had no rush for completion.


When he finally got the car on the road, he threw on a set of 8j 15-inch BBS replica wheels and had a set of compressed springs fitted. The ride height was not what he seeked, but it was the lowest he could go while maintaining a decent ride. He has always envisioned what his Honda Civic should look like and this certainly was not it. He very soon purchased a set of JOM coil-overs, but was still not impressed. After conducting some research, in went a set of shortened shocks and matching sleeve overs. He had a custom camber kit fitted at the rears which gave the car that Euro look he was aiming for. Content with the progress he got down doing his next mod that left him without a car again for another few weeks.


Tyron spent tremendous time on his interior. After seeing a few videos on the Canibeat Website, he took a liking to the 2015 Land Rover design. After showing the guys at Vintage Cars and Customs they were eager to work on this project. Recovered in ox-blood red, this by far was his best decision ever. The red detailing was continued on the door pads, gear boot and sound setup. Not really a sound guy, Tyron installed a JVC mp3 player, 1 x 12″ Mtx subwoofer, Starsound amplifier, and MTX splits at the front and rear just to add some vibe to his ride.


Keeping the best for last and really make a statement. He decided to go for a sick set of blue wheels. Quite the odd combination, but the day he entered his first car show he was figuratively breaking necks and dropping jaws. It was totally unique. Like his back glass sticker states, “STYLE, COMFORT, SORTED”. He very soon became popular and known for his iconic name “Slammed Hatch”.

Civic (2).jpg


He had to keep up with the trends and with air becoming so popular recently in the car scene, Tyron felt that was the only thing his car was lacking. On the plus side it beats jacking the car every time he needed to gravitate to slammed level. Naturally he settled for a full Air Lift Performance kit supplied by Air Springs Supply Company and being the hands on man, he made sure to have them fitted on himself. Out with the old suspension, went the old wheels. The Honda Civic shone off a new set of red 15-inch Rotiform replica wheels resting on 165/45/15 tyres.


Convinced he was finally done, a few weeks later he decided to do a complete make over to the interior. Out came the seats, and in went a set of CRX seats and a suede dash. This guy just does not quit.


Who knows what he will do next? Keep checking cause we will be sure to cover it first.