Low is a lifestyle! This is certainly the case for Julian Naidoo and his air riding VW Polo Vivo. He purchased the car in 2012 which had a set of Maxtrac coilovers fitted a few days later that caused him to be scraping speed bumps where ever he went. The car scenes grew quick on him allowing him to be present at most motoring meets. I would often watch him jacking his car to adjust his coilovers to get it down low until he one day finally realised; he needed air.



September 2015 saw Julian take the big step to fit on a fully customized Air Suspension. He believes in the theory of “What wheel gap?” which he certainly lives by. He is currently rolling on a set of 17-inch fifteen52 Tarmac replica wheels wrapped in 185/35/17 Nankang tyres. However, don’t get too accustomed to this look as Julian is fond of changing his wheels.

Streamline comin soon

Julian knew that the standard Polo Vivo interior was never going to do it for him, so he had the seats removed and replaced them with a set of original Recaro leather seats at the front while the rear seats were re-upholstered in Ox-blood red. To compliment this style he had areas of his dash stripped and sprayed red. He kept the standard deck and had a set of Pioneer mids and tweeters to give him the clarity he desired. His dials and controls for his air suspension are located below his deck for his convenience.



Speed was never one of the requirements on his checklist, however he had a free flow exhaust system installed to give the Polo Vivo a little “vroom-vroom” to it. This was the only tinkering that was done to the engine. A set of Polo GTi style side skirts, mirrors and a rear diffuser were custom fitted to the car with the front grille and fogs giving it the 2015 facelift look.


Julian has spent much time and effort to attain the ideal style for his Polo Vivo and with much envy from others he has set out on the path of perfection. Although the Polo Vivo may be everything he wants right now, Julian aspires to own a VW Golf 5 GTi next.