We are often besieged by old school rides and kink up amazement on the owner’s restoration process. For me, given the liberty to get up close and personal with Logan Chetty’s 1958 Chevy Pick-up was out of the norm yet a much appreciated encounter.


The unique Chevy was boastfully featured in the Fritos advert some years ago and three owners later, Logan evolved the Pick-up into a world of its own. He scooped it up in July 2014 for R120 000 and took her straight to RPM Conversions to start on his long awaited dream of having his own RAT ROD.  Just over a year later and after spending an additional R200 000, she is all ready for her first feature.


The Pick-up was originally a 4×4 still in its original yellow paint when Logan purchased it. He had a vision of what he wanted and very soon got down to making it a reality. The first thing he did was throw on a set of 20-inch Aline Viper wheels.  It however was not the look he was going for as the wheel gap was more than a ruler in height. His next challenge was to “drop that kitty down low” and he very soon solved that problem by purchasing a completely running 5 series BMW which stripped it down for the complete suspension and braking system.


Logan recently got the van on the road and he still has a few minor things to do. With the risk of him being stopped by Metro we decided to do the shoot at a park just down the road from his Business Park. At first I was not too keen on the location yet as soon as I saw her parked under the trees, my mind was made up for me. She looked simply perfect and immediately began to draw the attention of people passing by. One guy queried with Logan as to what price he would sell his rat rod. “Not anytime soon”, Logan amusingly responded.


The interior of the van is just as clean as the exterior, mostly stock with a few changes. The original gauges and dials are all in working order. Not bad for a 57 year old Pick-up.


Logan kept most aspects original. Apart from the cosmetics, the engine is a 350 Chevy with a performance intake and mild cam with a big holley carb. I asked Logan as to what plans he has for the future and the words “Air Suspension” was all he could say enthusiastically. Indeed, that would be the icing on top.


Logan has had a passion for restoring vehicles for some time now. This was not his first build and will not be his last. He also has a Mark1 Escort currently undergoing a turbo conversion at Yogans Trix, a Golf 1 2-door VR6 turbo and a C63. Passion certainly runs deep in his veins.


Logan will like to thank his wife and kids for supporting his obsession. He couldn’t have done it without them. His staff at LCK Communications, Rodney from RPM, Roys Panel Beaters, the guys from Thundersport and all his friends who assisted him.

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